Core principles

1. We believe that the Jewish cemeteries of New Jersey are the final resting places for the New Jersey Jewish Communities of the past, including many of our own beloved relatives and friends, and we believe these final resting places are sacred grounds that deserve dignity and respect.

2. We believe it is our responsibility as descendants, disciples, and beneficiaries of those interred at these cemeteries to do whatever is necessary to restore them to dignity and maintain them in this manner.

3. We believe that those who are physically, emotionally, and/or financially able to contribute to this restoration and maintenance effort should do so to the fullest of their abilities.

4. We believe that our contributions to this effort are both a personal obligation and a means of expressing our appreciation to our ancestors for making our successes possible.

5. We hope future generations will understand and share our respect for these cemeteries and those interred there and will continue our efforts.